Arduino + LCD + XBee = Magic!

Arduino √

XBee √


Let’s roll!

First of all, this blog post will be written in English. I think the time has come for me to gradually move to writing all my blog posts in English, since I meet more and more people who reply to my tweets and blog posts with something along the lines of ‘wtf kind of language is that anyway?’. So, moving on, this is the next part of my ‘Arduino Shutters Control’ project, and this time, I decided that, a remote for the shutters is good, but not good enough. So I embarked on my new quest, the Remote Control with LCD. I am using an Arduino Fio (just like last time), a 128×64 Graphic LCD from Adafruit, and a Series1 XBee.

I decided to create a simple menu for controlling my shutters, since now I have two Arduinos for controlling my shutters at home, one for each room, so I set up the following simple commands:

Shutter 1 – Open

Shutter 1 – Close

Shutter 1 – Stop

Shutter 2 – Open

Shutter 2 – Close

Shutter 2 – Stop

Pretty self-explanatory, ‘Open’ starts opening the shutters, ‘Close’ starts closing them, and ‘Stop’ halts them in their current position. Here is a quick video, and this time I’m talking! :P

For anyone interested, you can grab the code for the Arduino Shutter Control node, the Remote, as well as a header file with some definitions for more readable code here.

I have to admit that I haven’t been using the XBee modules with the best efficiency and clean code until recently. You can see that on the linked source code as well, since this is a project I completed a while ago. Expect my next project to be much better though :) Who knows, I might even make a guide for using XBee the ‘correct’ way :)

Until then, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

2 Responses to “Arduino + LCD + XBee = Magic!”

  1. RobNo Gravatar said:

    Dec 21, 12 at 5:21 am

    I am trying to hook up a fio to XBee and an LCD from adafruit – 16 x 2
    Got the LCD working on my Arduino Uno but saw an article in Circuit Cellar on Arduino power supplies and think that I have to be very careful since the LCD needs 5v and the Fio only has 3.5. So I think I’ll have power the LCD with another power supply.

    Any suggestions? Pointers? Hookup diagrams?


    Rob, KC4NYK

  2. Georgitzikis VasilisNo Gravatar said:

    Dec 28, 12 at 8:09 pm

    Hi Rob,
    sorry for the delay, I’ve been traveling on vacations.
    you might be able to drive the LCD with 3.3v instead of 5v, but it will probably be less bright. your best bet is to use an lcd which works on 3.3v, like this:

    if you’re going to connect the lcd with the Fio using an extra power supply, i would suggest connecting the backlight LED and the part which controls brightness, and drive the rest of the circuit with the 3.3v output from the Arduino Fio

    In any case, if you have the money to spare on an extra LCD, I would suggest using that. In fact, one of the reasons I used this graphic LCD was that it worked at 3.3v and I wanted to avoid all the fuss.

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