I am really proud to introduce my new project to the world. Capster is a Caps Lock notification tool for OS X, based on the idea of CapSee, but it uses Growl* to notify the user when Caps Lock is pressed, so that, in the vent of accidental press, the user is notified and takes appropriate action (press Caps Lock again, ofc). I liked CapSee a lot, and I found it very usefull, but i really, really like Growl, and I wanted to use it for my notifications, and, since CapSee is (unfortunately) not open source, I wrote Capster from scratch, and open-sourced it under a FreeBSD license. It was virtually done overnight, and by 6.30am, I was done. For more about Capster, please visit its homepage, and its repository on GitHub. And if you use it, please let me know how it can be improved.

Some of the things I would like to do is to enable turning off the status menu icon, and perhaps even a preferences panel.

*the mother of user notification software, and open source too.

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