Capster. The power of Growl

So as you must know, I have recently created an app that uses Growl notifications to alert the user when caps lock is pressed. As I stated before, the idea is based on CapSee, but I really wanted to use Growl notifications instead of the custom, bezel-type notification CapSee used.

Recently, a friend of mine just commented on Capster, saying he prefers the Bezel notification. Could I support that as well, as a choice for the user? Well, sure thing, fella! See, the thing is, I don’t even have to. Growl has a lot of customization options, one of which is the display style. And on top of the general display type for all applications, you can customize the style per-application as well.

And guess what, one of those styles is Bezel. You can even configure it to play a sound when a specific notification is sent. It’s also faster in updating the notification when you press Caps Lock twice. So, in my opinion, Capster is better than CapSee* even in what CapSee does. Showing bezel notifications.

Personally, I also think it looks better. Take a look:

*Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying CapSee is bad. I respect its developers, and I honestly love the idea. If it was open source, I would have submitted a patch instead of creating something similar to it, but I just thing Growl has so much power, it’s perfect for the job.

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