ellak conference 2011, Day 1

As I came home, I realized I had to write something about my first day on on the ellak conference. Not only was it nice to compare it to this year’s FOSSCOMM, and look at the pros and cons of each, some things I consider we did better, and things they managed better than us, but about the experience as well.

As chance would have it, I was the only one left in charge of the arduinoproject.gr booth, since the 2 other guys who were supposed to come couldn’t. For those who don’t know, arduinoproject.gr is a work-in-progress in creating a Greek Arduino community, since we all know a lot of people interested in it (I personally know more than 50 people who are constantly asking me questions in our hackerspace, P-Space), and we felt the need to create a common place for everyone to ask questions, get help, and get in touch with each other. I was glad that a lot of people stopped by to ask about Arduino, most of them leaving with the impression that Arduino rocks, which, after all, is true :) I was also glad to meet a LOT of cool people, who are too many to be named here, and also had the chance to finally meet Eleftherios Kosmas, who is a great guy, and has a great blog regarding open source.

Last but not least, I finally made it to the melissi project’s presentation by Giorgos Logiotatidis, which was truly great, and I already have a lot of ideas on how to use his API, which we discussed with Giorgos. I wish him the best in his work, and who knows, I am even considering helping him :)

Now, that’s all for now, I gotta go prepare my presentation for tomorrow.

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