Long time no write

So, yeah, I’ve been pretty busy in a while, what with my exams, work, etc, but I am finally proud to announce something I’ve been secretly working on. That is, my article on the last issue of Linux Inside! For those who’ve never heard about it, Linux Inside is THE linux-related magazine in Greece, by Dimitris Kalamaras, who’s done a great job educating people on open source, and creating a magazine targeted to everyone, geek or not :) First things first, I’d like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to write about Arduino (the article is titled Control your lamp with Arduino), and a lot of thanks to Anastasis, aka mr.prØn, for sticking the idea in my head, and making the acquaintance with Dimitris.

But talk is cheap. Let me elaborate on the article. Basically, it focuses on Arduino (ofc), and how you can use it to control a lamp (or your entire house ;)) from a computer, setting automated scripts to take care of repetitive tasks, such as automatically turning on the lights, and more. I have also included an introduction to Arduino, since most people haven’t even heard of it, and I take care to describe every step in ridiculous detail so that everyone can keep up :) I hope it will inspire some people to try it, experiment with Arduino, and then come up with their own fabulous ideas :)

P.S. Speaking of fabulous ideas, for the next issue, I’m preparing an article on using Arduino and XBee to communicate wirelessly with a computer, and other Arduinos. You have no idea how awesome it can get ;)

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