Making coffee with Arduino

No, this will not be another serious blog post. It will, however, be an exercise in ingenuity and thinking outside the box. Most of all, I’m writing this because people requested it on Twitter :P

Long story short, a friend of mine and me wake up at my place after a long night of drinking, and start making coffee, and more specifically, the Greek favorite, Frappé. This includes shaking the coffee into a shaker, or using a device like this to stir the coffee. But the batteries were dead, and I had no replacements!!!!! We were left with 3 choices:

  • Use the shaker. (No way! Did i mention the drinking?)
  • Go out and buy some goddamn batteries (HELL NO! Hangover, you know?)
  • Improvise! (Bingo!) √

What did I do? Easy. Everyone is always making fun of me saying ‘use an Arduino’ every time I have a problem. Well, this time I did. We take an Arduino, plug it in, take the 5V and Gnd pins, and connect them to the stiring-device-thingy (no idea what the official name is), and this is what you get. I like to think of myself as a moder Odysseus. lol, NOT.

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