Diffusing LEDs

I’m writing this blog post while sitting at our local hackerspace at 1.15am and working on a new Secret Project™. I’m using a semi-transparent glass and trying to light it up with LEDs from the sides.

Anyone who has used high power LEDs to light a surface could tell you, these things need to be diffused, because the light isn’t distributed evenly to the surface and it looks like crap.

So I was sitting and trying to find something to diffuse the LEDs with, and then it hit me (ouch)! Rolling paper for cigarettes*! After some quick googling i found out that the thinnest one is the Rizla Silver brand, so I bought some from the 24/7 kiosk** down the corner, and voila! Awesome! You can see the difference below, but the photos really do it no justice. (coming soon, can’t upload the photos :P)

*Yes, you can buy rice paper at bookstores and get a much better price. But can you do that at 1.15am? Didn’t think so.

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