We’re on Hack a Day!

Where by ‘we’, I mean P-Space, the local hackerspace in Patras. Recently, I designed an (open source, ofc) system to control our door for entry, using RFID tags an a remote controller. Everyone liked it, so we installed it and I set off to document it on GitHub. We aptly named it Jarvis, after Edwin Jarvis.

To put it simply, Jarvis consists of a remote control that tells the computer to open the door when pressed, the door controller that reads the RFID tags and send the information to the computer, and the computer that validates the RFID information, gets the remote’s messages, and sends a special ‘open the door’ message to the door controller when the remote button is pressed, or a valid RFID card is read. We even have the five last events on the website, so you can tell if any of your friends are in the hackerspace at the moment.

Yesterday, Jarvis was featured on Hack a Day, the most popular site for hardware and software hacks, MAKE/DIY projects. Suffice to say, we were all stunned! We even got some ideas on how to improve the system from the comments.

If you’d like to know more on how the system works, read the hackaday.com post and check out the project’s wiki. You can also

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