Capster is a nifty app I created for OS X, based on the idea of CapSee, which notifies the user when Caps Lock is pressed, to help with accidental misclicks. CapSee is very useful, but it had two flaws. It was a bit slow, and I really, really like using Growl for notifications. Enter Capster. It is as fast as can be, and replaces the Bezel type of notification CapSee uses with Growl. It sends a notification on startup, and after that, one every time Caps Lock is pressed. It is released as open source under a FreeBSD license, and the source code is hosted on GitHub. Interested? Download it here.

Update: Capster 1.2 is out, with the ability to remember the user’s preference to hide the menu icon, and automatic updates using Sparkle.

Update: Capster 1.4 is out, with preference panel for setting the menu icon on/off. It is invoked by pressing shift-caps, and even lets you toggle the panel’s shortcut  between shift-caps and cmd-caps.

Update: Capster 1.6 and 1.6.1 adds the following changes:

  • The preference panel now has extra options for the menu icon. It can hide the icon, show the icon, show a colored icon according to the state of the caps lock, or show a colored orb according to the state of the caps lock
  • Thanks to an undocumented Growl feature, caps lock notifications are now coalesced. If there is already a notification on the screen, Growl will replace it instead of adding another one. This removes the clutter from the screen when a user presses the Caps Lock multiple times.
  • (1.6.1) Fixed a bar where the status bar icon would not show the menu when clicked.

Update: Capster 1.6.5 is out, with these features and bugfixes:

  • Fixed a bug that turned the radio buttons’ font to from Lucida Grande to Helvetica.
  • Added a Caps Lock off icon for the black status bar icon, and edited the red status bar icon to match that of the notification (see below)
  • Added a strike-through to the Caps Lock off notification’s icon, in order to better differentiate it from the Caps Lock on one, especially for color blind users, and changed the notification’s status text from capital to lowercase since it didn’t make a difference anyway
  • Most of these changes were either reported or suggested from jmknoble on GitHub, so send him some thanks if you like them :)

Here are a couple of screenshots of Capster in use:

P.S. The background I use is customized based on one I found on Kotaku. You can grab it from here.

P.S.2 The Growl theme used in the screenshot is called Mono, and you can get it here. It has an awesome animation too!

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